A parent participation preschool is a family enterprise. Families join together and draw on each other’s talents and resources to provide a sound educational environment for their children. The director and teachers provide leadership and guidance as parents assume the responsibility for implementing the program. Parents receive instruction from the staff and other resources to increase their knowledge and skills related to the child. Thus parents grow in their abilities to be educators of their child both at home and at school.

The advantages of the parent participation system of education are numerous. Sharing your child’s preschool program provides you with a unique opportunity to see him/her in a group situation. Through interaction with the Teacher, you are able to develop a more knowledgeable approach to your child’s education.

The preschool has one central focus - your child. What the preschool is teaching may not be evident to the casual observer, but your child is learning and growing in a very real way. Play is important business. During your child’s preschool career, s/he will learn many important things.

Our school’s general philosophy toward creative media is to leave the children free to work at their own pace. We do not try to teach skills such as cutting, pasting and painting. Rather, we encourage free use of art materials in many forms. This enables the children to progress at their own rate, eliminating the frustration that can occur when expectations are beyond their capabilities.

Children will have practice in getting along with their peers and adults, in protecting their rights and in being sympathetic with other people’s feelings. They will begin to handle their own feelings realistically through play. They will learn best if they have the thoughtful and loving leadership parents and teachers provide.

The community experience provided where people are working together to accomplish a common goal is a healthy social experience for you and your child. Lasting relationships develop as families work together and support each other.