Being a parent participation cooperative preschool means just that:  our parents join together to aid in running the school.  At Explorer, every family helps out in a variety of ways and the primary goal in everything that we do is to continue to keep our school a fantastic early learning experience for our children.  When you join Explorer, you will find this community to be welcoming and ready to help you immerse yourself in the coop experience.  You will benefit from working alongside accredited teachers with a decade or more of early childhood development experience as well as from your fellow parent classmates.  Your child will benefit not only from our program, but from seeing your participation in his/her school.  Lifelong learning starts now!

Other Family Commitments (except for Together Time only families)

  • Attend the all-school orientation in September (formerly "Back to School Night")

  • Participate in two to four classroom workdays per month, depending on the class

  • Attend the class orientation in August as well as all-class (daytime) and school (evening) Parent Education Classes (PECs).

  • Attend one or two Saturday maintenance workdays (**)

  • Provide refreshments at two Parent Education Classes (PECs) (**)

  • Hold a committee job or board position

  • Participate in the school's fundraising activities

(**)  Those families serving on the board are exempt from evening PEC refreshment responsibilities and have a reduced maintenance requirement

Financial Obligations

Enrollment Fees (Non-Refundable)

  • Application Fee: $50 per family

  • SCVC (Santa Clara Valley Council) Fee: $10 per family

Annual One-Time Fees

  • Refundable Deposit: $100 per family

  • Class Activity Fee (*)

    • Together Time: $30

    • MW 2's and Friday 2's: $35

    • TTh: $55

    • MWF: $70

    • 4Day: $250

Tuition (*)

  • Together Time: $555 per year

  • Friday 2's: $135 per month

  • MW 2's: $205 per month

  • TTh: $235 per month

  • MWF: $300 per month

  • 4Day: $360 per month

Fundraising Requirement

Each Explorer family, excluding Together Time only families, has an annual Fundraising Requirement

  • Friday 2's: $90

  • MW 2's, TTh, MWF, 4Day: $180

(*)  Fees are subject to change