2017-2018 School Calendar

A complete printable version is available here.

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 03 Evening PEC - Explorer Workshop (OPTIONAL)
Jan 06 Fall 2017 Application for Current Families
Jan 06 MWF Daytime PEC
Jan 06 5's Club
Jan 09 MW2's Daytime PEC
Jan 09 4Day Daytime PEC
Jan 10 Children's Ed Committee Meeting
Jan 12 TTH Daytime PEC
Jan 13 Friday 2's Daytime PEC
Jan 14 Maintenance Day
Jan 16 Martin Luther King Day - SCHOOL CLOSED
Jan 17 Fall 2017 Application for Explorer Alumni Families and Lincoln Glen Church Member Families
Jan 17 Board Meeting
Jan 26 SCVC General Meeting
Jan 28 Maintenance Day
Jan 30 Open House
Feb 02 TTH Daytime PEC
Feb 03 MWF Daytime PEC
Feb 03 5's Club
Feb 04 Fall 2017 Application for New Families
Feb 04 Maintenance Day
Feb 07 Evening PEC
Feb 10 Friday 2's Daytime PEC
Feb 13 4Day Daytime PEC
Feb 13 MW2's Daytime PEC
Feb 14 Board Meeting
Feb 20 Winter Break - SCHOOL CLOSED
Feb 23 SCVC General Meeting
Feb 25 Maintenance Day
Feb 28 Children's Ed Committee Meeting
Mar 02 2017 Summer Camp Applications
Mar 03 MWF Daytime PEC
Mar 03 5's Club
Mar 04 Dad's Day
Mar 04 Maintenance Day
Mar 06 No School for MWF and 4Day
Mar 07 Prom Corsage Pre-sale
Mar 07 Evening PEC
Mar 09 TTH Daytime PEC
Mar 10 Friday 2's Daytime PEC
Mar 11 CCPNS Early Childhood Education Conference
Mar 13 MW2's Daytime PEC
Mar 13 4Day Daytime PEC
Mar 17 Spring Auction
Mar 21 Board Meeting
Mar 23 SCVC General Meeting
Mar 25 Maintenance Day
Mar 28 Children's Ed Committee Meeting
Apr 01 Maintenance Day
Apr 03 MW2's Daytime PEC
Apr 03 4Day Daytime PEC
Apr 04 Evening PEC
Apr 05 Art Show Matting
Apr 07 MWF Daytime PEC
Apr 07 5's Club
Apr 10 Spring Break - SCHOOL CLOSED
Apr 18 Board Meeting
Apr 19 Art Show/Spring Social
Apr 20 TTH Daytime PEC
Apr 21 Friday 2's Daytime PEC
Apr 22 Maintenance Day
Apr 25 Children's Ed Committee Meeting
Apr 27 SCVC General Meeting
May 02 Evening PEC
May 06 Maintenance Day
May 09 Tuesday Together Time Last Day of Class
May 09 TTH Culmination
May 11 Thursday Together Time Last Day of Class
May 15 MW2's Culmination
May 16 Joint Board Meeting
May 17 Friday 2's Culmination
May 18 4Day Culmination
May 18 SCVC General Meeting
May 26 Last Day of School
May 27 Maintenance Day
Jul 20 Board Meeting
Aug 02 All Classes Park Playdate
Aug 09 All Classes Park Playdate
Aug 14 Class Rep Meeting
Aug 15 All Classes Park Playdate
Aug 15 Board Meeting
Aug 19 Board Maintenance Day
Aug 22 All Classes Park Playdate
Aug 22 New Family Meet and Greet
Aug 23 MWF Play Day
Aug 24 TTh Play Day
Aug 24 4Day Play Day
Aug 25 4Day Parent Orientation
Aug 28 Friday 2's Play Day
Aug 28 MW 2's Play Day
Aug 29 MW 2's Meet the Teacher
Aug 29 TTh Parent Orientation
Aug 29 Together Time Parent Orientation
Aug 30 MW 2's Parent Orientation
Aug 30 MWF Parent Orientation
Aug 31 Friday 2's Meet the Teacher
Aug 31 SCVC General Meeting
Sep 01 Friday 2's Parent Orientation
Sep 04 Labor Day - School Closed
Sep 05 TTh Practice Class, Group 1
Sep 05 Tuesday Together Time Practice Class, Group 1
Sep 05 4Day Practice Class, Group 1
Sep 05 Back to School Night (PEC)
Sep 06 MWF First Regular Class
Sep 06 MW 2's Practice Class, Group 1
Sep 06 4Day Practice Class, Group 2
Sep 07 TTh Practice Class, Group 2
Sep 07 Thursday Together Time Practice Class, Group 2
Sep 07 4Day First Regular Class
Sep 08 Friday 2's Practice Class, Group 1
Sep 09 Maintenance Day
Sep 11 MW 2's Practice Class, Group 2
Sep 12 Tuesday Together Time Practice Class, Group 2
Sep 12 TTh First Regular Class
Sep 13 MW 2's First Regular Class
Sep 14 Thursday Together Time Practice Class, Group 2
Sep 15 Friday 2's Practice Class, Group 2
Sep 19 Tuesday Together Time First Regular Class
Sep 19 Board Meeting
Sep 21 Thursday Together Time First Regular Class
Sep 22 Friday 2's First Regular Class
Sep 23 Maintenance Day
Sep 25 Back to School Picnic
Sep 26 Children's Ed Committee Meeting
Sep 28 SCVC General Meeting
Oct 03 Evening PEC
Oct 04 Staff Development - No School
Oct 06 MWF Daytime PEC
Oct 07 Maintenance Day
Oct 10 Board Meeting
Oct 12 TTh Daytime PEC
Oct 16 MW 2's Daytime PEC
Oct 16 4Day Daytime PEC
Oct 17 Tuesday Together Time Class Photo
Oct 17 TTh Photo Day
Oct 18 MW 2's Photo Day
Oct 18 MWF Photo Day
Oct 18 4Day Photo Day
Oct 19 Thursday Together Time Class Photo
Oct 20 Friday 2's Photo Day
Oct 21 Maintenance Day
Oct 24 Children's Ed Committee Meeting
Oct 27 Friday 2's Daytime PEC
Oct 29 2018 Winter/Spring Fives Fun Club Registration
Nov 02 TTh Daytime PEC
Nov 03 Board Retreat
Nov 03 MWF Daytime PEC
Nov 04 Maintenance Day
Nov 06 4Day Daytime PEC
Nov 07 Evening PEC
Nov 10 Veteran's Day (Observed) - School Closed
Nov 13 MW 2's Daytime PEC
Nov 17 Friday 2's Daytime PEC
Nov 18 Maintenance Day
Nov 20 Thanksgiving Break - School Closed
Dec 01 MWF Daytime PEC
Dec 02 Holiday Social Breakfast
Dec 04 4Day Daytime PEC
Dec 05 Children's Ed Committee Meeting
Dec 07 TTh Daytime PEC
Dec 08 Friday 2's Daytime PEC
Dec 09 Maintenance Day
Dec 11 MW 2's Daytime PEC
Dec 12 Board Meeting
Dec 18 Holiday Break - School Closed

Event Details

Class Representatives Meeting:  Each class has a volunteer who acts as the liaison between the teachers and the parents.  This volunteer creates the work schedules, send out reminder emails, and organizes the class project for the auction.  Class Reps will meet in Room 11 to begin planning.

Park Play Dates: These will be held every week during the month of August at various local parks. Attendance is optional but it is a great way to meet your fellow Explorer Community prior to the start of school. A Board member will be in attendance and will wear our teal Explorer shirt. Feel free to introduce yourself and we look forward to making some great memories at the park!

Play Days at Explorer: Incoming students and their adults are invited to come and play at the school with their new classmates. This informal play day allows students to look around and get to know their school, teachers and new peers. Adults get a chance to get familiar with the campus and their new classmates too!

SCVC: Explorer is a member of a collective of parent participation preschools called SCVC, or the Santa Clara Valley Council or Parent Participation Preschools. We have a representative that attends their monthly meetings, assists in planning the annual SCVC conference, and keeps us connected to the other parent participation schools in our area. Check out their website at http://cooppreschools.com.

Parent Orientations: Each class will have its own parent orientation where the teachers will go over all of the routines and expectations for the adult that will be attending class as the "working parent". Of course this could actually be a grand parent, uncle, foster mother, or family friend. This meeting is for adults only so that you are able to ask questions and feel very comfortable with working in class.

New Family Meet and Greet:  This is an informal and optional night to come to Explorer to meet the teachers.  Board members will be present to show you around your new school.

Practice Classes: Your class representative will contact you by email to assign you to one of two practice classes. This is called a practice class because only half the class attends. Having only half the students that day allows the teachers to show everyone the classroom routines and answer any questions you may have. The other half of the class may choose to get to know each other that day at a park or play date.

First Day of Class: This date varies depending on the class, but eventually all students in a class will attend together for the first time!

Back to School Night: This will be our first Parent Education Class (PEC). There will be refreshments and socializing at 6:30pm. At 7pm we will begin sharing information about family commitments, logging into the website, the school calendar, Explorer wear, and more. The Board and teachers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Maintenance Days: Once you are able to log into the website you will sign up for your maintenance days by going to the calendar and clicking on the Saturday you wish to attend. You will receive a confirmation email from the website once you have registered. Maintenance days are an important part of our commitment to the school and keeps the place where our children play and learn in top condition.

Board Meeting: The Board meets monthly to update school progress and make decisions in the interest of the school. Minutes are available.

Children's Ed Committee Meeting: In August, a Board member will contact you with your committee assignment. The Children's Ed Committee meets monthly to plan for the following month.

Fall Picnic: Our first major social event of the year! Come join us at Vasona County Park to spend the evening with other Explorer families socializing and playing a few games. Bring a picnic and a blanket. We look forward to seeing you there!

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